Information Of Interest

  • Our mission is to offer you the largest and most varied amount of products that any other website does not offer to you to make your purchase and transport your purchases online from the US to Venezuela through a commercial alliance with InversionesGip CA Company responsible for delivering said well in Venezuela under the following conditions:
  1. Capital District, State Miranda and State Vargas products may be withdrawn directly at the premises of the commercial ally or delivered home to the address of their preference prior agreement.
  2. In the case of customers who live in states other than those mentioned, they can obtain their products by withdrawing it in the premises of the commercial ally or by prior agreement.
  • Our commercial alliance with InversionesGip through a contract to provide the product delivery service, therefore, are not responsible for prices, payment methods, replacement of products in poor condition or any responsibility other than the delivery of the said contractual responsibility It is direct with shopigvzla in any of the above mentioned cases.
  • We can not transport merchandise to market (more than three identical products in the same purchase).
  • Purchases will be managed in an estimated period of 15 to 20 business days once the payment has been confirmed in the system. This time can be extended when causes subject to changes occur due to factors beyond our control at destination.
  • The payment for our service is in the currency of legal tender for USA, that is to say in American Dollars.
  • You have the responsibility to notify when our commercial partners in Venezuela provide a poor service through our communication channels (social networks or web page).

To create your Shopig account

  • Take into account that this is an exclusive service for natural persons and that they are of legal age.
  • The user is non-transferable, that is, you can not lend it as it is a contractual relationship between you as a customer and us as service providers.
  • It is important that, in the registration of your account, you put the correct information of your email, as well as contact information, since through it you will receive relevant information about our company and your purchases.
  • To consider any fault within the typified in the Terms and Conditions of the Service, the company can make the closure of the user if necessary.

Complaints and claims:

  • If the product purchased online arrives with a defect or incomplete, you must notify our allies and deliver the products with novelty before withdrawing and then you must contact you directly with us through the website or social networks.
  • It is your responsibility to make the purchase of the exact product you want, presentation, brand, model and other characteristics of this.
  • Product returns are not accepted due to purchase error.
  • You must ask and make sure that what you want to buy is the product indicated at the time of processing the payment.

Follow your purchase:

  • We will send you notifications to indicate when the package is with our commercial partners.
  • You must wait for our allies to contact you to be able to withdraw that purchase.
  • You can request information about your purchase through any of the social networks and web pages.

Withdraw your purchase:

  • When your purchase is confirmed in the agency of our commercial ally, you have a period of 30 consecutive days to withdraw them or request home delivery with an additional charge paid to our commercial ally directly, otherwise they will be declared in abandonment and you will lose the purchase
  • When you receive your purchase, verify that everything you asked for is inside and to miss something, immediately notify our commercial ally and by direct chat to us, before leaving the premises with the merchandise or before the team of the allies retires from the place of delivery. We will only respond to claims where it is demonstrated by purchase order which was the content of the purchase.
  • Once received according to the products requested, you must sign the delivery note generated by our commercial partner.
  • We do not accept claims after signing the delivery note.
  • If you are going to authorize a third party, try to be of your full confidence. To do this, you must manage the authorization with a copy of the authorization document, this authorization must have the withdrawal date. Otherwise, your request can not be made.
  • The hours of attention to the public in the commercial premises of the ally and home deliveries are from Monday to Friday 10:30 a.m. at 7:00 p.m and on Saturdays from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., running time. National holidays we are closed.
  • Once the claims are received through the aforementioned means, the case will be evaluated and a response will be generated in an estimated period of ten (10) business days.